Exhaustpipe vase Exhaustpipe vase "Astra", 2012

Stilllive Stilllive

Rotterdam Design Set, 2013 Rotterdam Design Set, 2013

The Everywhere Tool Trolly, 2011 The Everywhere Tool Trolly, 2011

Ramguttvase, 2012
60 x 32 cm Ramguttvase, 2012
60 x 32 cm

Nature object, 2008 Nature object, 2008

Botanical Archive, 2012 Botanical Archive, 2012

Exhautpipe-vase Exhautpipe-vase "Astra" and "Romax", 2012

Exhibitionview HOW TO TO FLOWERS, 2012 Exhibitionview HOW TO TO FLOWERS, 2012

Exhibitionview HOW TO TO FLOWERS, 2012 Exhibitionview HOW TO TO FLOWERS, 2012


Frank Bruggeman

Frank Bruggeman’s work evinces a great fascination with nature, and especially with plant materials. These materials, of which he has assembled a large and growing archive, is the basis for research and experiments which result in installations, so-called ‘flowerpieces’ and ‘plantscapes’ and designs for interiors and the public realm. In Bruggeman’s eyes, the garden is the ultimate work of art: ‘Everything comes together there, even more so than in an installation’. In his plantscapes and flowerpieces, he draws a parallel with the creation of a garden. The way things are arranged and the determination to govern nature are the same; only the scale and the experience of nature are different. Bruggeman sees the landscape, the garden and the bouquet more or less as synonyms, but in different scales: the garden is a condensed landscape, and a bouquet is a concentration of a garden.
In the landscape, garden and bouquet, there is a dialogue between nature and culture. A level of organisation is at the basis of design, in which Bruggeman seeks a precarious balance. He wants to – must – govern nature, but at the same time he wants the plants and flowers to achieve their optimal, perfect form. He wishes the control to be as invisible as possible and therefore prefers to work with wild variants, which for him are a metaphor for freedom.
Flos Wildschut 2011

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