Ottobre  2018

Johannes Nagel – Ben Sleeuwenhoek – Wietske van Leeuwen – Carolein Smit – Bernard Heesen – Ritsue Mishima

Last week until 2 november

Johannes Nagel

Trial & Error

21.09. – 02.11.2018

Art Berlin 2018

In visual terms, Johannes Nagel’s objects can be located somewhere between vessels, coral and octopus. The textured surfaces are like the pixelated skin of squid, a miracle of transformation. The tubular structures are reminiscent of coral skeletons, while the protruding lips are akin to the living part of the coral. We are observing an arrested biomorphic process. Dead skeletal material is constantly overgrown with living tissue. In Nagel’s most recent works, the tubes and vase-like vaults display fascinating, shimmering colours, as if the zooxanthellae in the coral have taken on the colours of plastic garbage. The colours flow into each other and pulse across the undulating surfaces. Every now and then, the smooth surfaces are punctuated by sharp edges and lines, in search of individual accents. Looking at Johannes Nagel’s objects, we are immersed in an underwater world, inhabited by bizarre sea creatures with spiky outgrowths, fascinating surfaces and forms that float somewhere between beauty and ugliness. Like curious fish, we, the viewers, swim around the strange creatures, opening up an imaginary world in which boundaries become fluid.

Jörg Johnen, July 2018

Ben Sleeuwenhoek : BILDERBUCH

Zeeuws Museum Middelburg
29.09.2018 – 17.02.2019

With the new work Bilderbuch Ben Sleeuwenhoek (NL1951) started to process his image archive in collages. When stuck in, he groups together images of similar objects sometimes as if it were a scientific study. Other times he uses playful compositions and reversal to avoid a strict interpretation and to put the content into perspective. When making Bilderbuch, Sleeuwenhoek is inspired by a 19th-century scrapbook from the collection of the Zeeuws Museum. Here too, on the one hand, there is an encyclopaedic view of the world in which everything is categorized and on the other hand a romantic desire through the spontaneous and intuitive way in which the scrapbook is made.

Bernard Heesen  Ritsue Mishima

Glas – Gefäß – Object

Neues Museum Nürnberg
16.11.2018 – 06.01.2019

Bernard Heesen

Ritsue Mishima

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Wietske van Leeuwen  Carolein Smit

09.11.2018  –  12.01.2018

Wietske van Leeuwen
‘Rocambolesk’ 2015, pot with lid, stoneware 2015

Carolein Smit
‘Medusa’ ceramics 2016